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Why Sell With James Pendleton

Why Sell With James Pendleton

Our award-winning team of London Property Experts have extensive experience of selling properties in London, Balham, Battersea, Clapham, Lambeth and Wandsworth – to name a few. We understand that vendors want both the best price for their property and an agent with the expertise to achieve completion quickly and efficiently. Selling a property is more than just placing an ad online or a sign on the street. Our agents will tailor the selling service that suits you the most. If you are struggling to find buyers, we will find you one. If you need help getting the best price of your property; we will advise you the most reasonable price. We know how important selling your house quickly is, and because we work so closely with our existing buyers, we can easily identify the ones that might be a perfect match for your property, before even putting an ad up. Giving you the upper hand by having exposure for your property on both internal and external markets.

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From day one, Ferdinand has been extremely helpful, professional and accommodating. As a first time buyer, Ferdinand provided frequent communication and ensured specialised advice was given, when asked. Ferdinand was never pushy with the sale, as experienced with many other estate agents and always checked to ensure I was happy with the progress and speed of the transaction. I would be more than happy to recommend James Pendleton and in particular Ferdinand to friends and family.

— Charlotte, SW4

Will Hutchings in particular was great! He took the time to speak through a mass of questions I had, giving impartial and honest advice which was so appreciated and stood out from other agents I have spoken with. Thanks Will - I shall be speaking with James Pendleton for my viewings going forward!

— Celine, SW12

Mitch was the first Estate Agent to get to know us, what we're about and what we were looking for and truly went to battle for us when it came to landlord negotiations. We are incredibly grateful to have met Mitch- not only because he got us the perfect abode, but because he was an 11/10 pleasure to deal with. Great lad, extremely professional and someone who was authentically human in all of our dealings. We had question after question for Mitch and he answered every single one of them with grace and an eagerness to help.

— Rose, SW12

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