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Clapham South

The bustling South-West London neighbourhood of Clapham South has something to offer for everyone. From village-style charm to inner-city glamour, there are many sides to this part of the city, which means residents can build their own Clapham, one perfectly suited to their lifestyle.

One notable characteristic of Clapham is the great sense of community which pervades the area. This is amplified by the emergence of mini villages such as Abbeville Village, Clapham Old Town and the Nightingale Triangle, all of which have high scoring schools and nurseries and streets lined with local independent businesses.

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Clapham South & Balham

53-55 Balham Hill

SW12 9DR

Properties In The Area

      • Strathblaine Road, SW11
      • For sale
    • £750,000
      • Friern Road, SE22
      • For sale
    • £650,000
      • Trinity Road, SW18
      • For sale
    • £700,000
      • Beacon Tower, SW18
      • For sale
    • £385,000
      • Denton Street, SW18
      • For sale
    • £550,000
      • Margate Road, SW2
      • For sale
    • £550,000

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