Frequently Asked Questions For Sellers

Below are frequently asked questions we receive from customers. If you have any questions not covered below then please contact us

What will it cost me to sell my property through James Pendleton?

Our fee is a percentage of your property’s sale price, plus VAT. We don’t hide any fees or charge for any extras like featuring your property on our website, we just put all our energy into finding you the right buyer. You will have to pay a conveyancing solicitor who will work alongside you, us and the buyers' solicitors to ensure the process is all correctly handled, with searches carried out with your local authority and the land registry.

How do I get my title deeds?

Your Solicitor will help you with this. You may have copies of the title deeds, but the land registry and your mortgage provider will also keep copies of these and your conveyancing solicitor will be able to obtain them.

Do I have to pay Stamp Duty?

No. Stamp Duty is paid by the buyer.

Will I have to pay Capital Gains Tax?

If the property is your principal home and place of residence then so long as you fulfil the qualifying conditions to prove this you will not be eligible for CGT. For more information about this visit

When do I move out?

You will need to vacate the property and provide the keys to your Estate Agent on or before the date of completion agreed by all parties taking place in the transaction.

Do I have to be present for viewings?

No, you don’t and quite often people viewing the property prefer to have an empty space so they feel that they can have a look around without feeling uncomfortable. Some buyers prefer to have the vendor there so that they can ask questions about the buildings history and the neighbourhood. If you’re unsure you can always check with your Estate Agent. Just ensure that the estate agents have a set of house keys and/or the necessary codes to access your property in case you are not going to be present.

What happens once an offer is accepted?

Once accepted your estate agent will be in touch with you and your solicitors to ensure the work to get the legal exchange of contracts is underway.

Do I need to have my property surveyed?

The buyer will typically hire an independent building surveyor to come and survey the property. Buyers can have a home buyers survey or a more in-depth and detailed building survey carried out, just ensure you are able to provide access to the surveyors as any delays to them will hold up the process.

What should I do if things start to go badly with a potential buyer?

Speak to your Estate Agent. At James Pendleton, we understand that the process of buying or selling a home can be stressful, but we’re experts in people as much as property, and a skilled sales consultant will normally be able to smooth out any problems or complaints and keep the process on track.