Elephant Park – The Eco Conscious Re-Development


With conversation about climate change becoming ever more topical, and initiatives from governments to encourage eco-friendly practices, developments that are conscious about their impact are admired and respected for being forward thinking and innovative.

Elephant Park has sustainability at the heart of its vision, starting from the ground up to maximise use of natural features and to limit the impact this redevelopment has on local environment. It is one of just 18 Cities Climate Change Leadership Group (C4o) developments in the world, boasting some of the most innovative, committed and effective management to achieve an industry leading eco-friendly programme.

The Healthy Homes programme in Elephant Park will all include large windows to maximise the amount of natural light into the homes, furthermore implementation of a filtered ventilation system that purifies the air before it makes its way into living areas. Each home will be constructed from non-toxic sources in eco-friendly manner, notably Forest Stewardship Council approved timber wood flooring and use of paints with low volatile organic compounds present, developers have even trialled new paint technology that has tested to filter toxins out of the air via its photocatalytic properties.

Remaining eco-friendly and sustainable is something Elephant Park is committed to, with solar panels dotted around the roof tops of the developments that will help power many of the communal area lighting costs, moreover Elephant Park has established a partnership with lighting manufacturer to roll out the very latest in efficient LED light technology that will be present throughout all of Elephant Park’s homes and apartments, as well as dual-flush toilets efficient-flow shower heads to name a few, these features all collaborate to help these new homes and apartments achieve a Sustainable Homes Level 4 and all homes will be 30% more energy efficient than the government regulations require.

The redevelopments other initiative is to revamp, create and maintain new “Green spaces” in and around the site, consisting of fine lawns, wooded spots and courtyards where residents can spend time and take in the outdoors. Amongst these new green spaces the developers have committed to planting 283 new trees, including English Oak, field maple and lime trees, this is in conjunction with maintaining 122 existing mature trees that already exist on the site. The influx of new and old trees will complement the architecture, attract new wildlife to the lush greenery, purify the air and protect against floods.

In addition to the wooded gardens, Elephant Park have planned Communal Grown Areas where residents can cultivate fruit, vegetables, and herbs right where they reside, allowing for the opportunity for those involved to meet neighbours, share tips and develop a community whilst growing fresh and healthy product. With five green wooded spaces within the site, and grow areas distributed amongst these green spaces equally, this development offers the best of city lifestyle all while offering its residents the health benefits of living in natural flourishing environment, both mentally and physically.