Digital Living: Technology And Automation In London Property


We are now living in the age of the ‘internet of things’, in which gadgets are increasingly a part of daily life, taking on roles previously occupied by lower-tech solutions. There are many ways in which the digital comes into contact with contemporary living, which is increasingly evident in the property industry as entire buildings are constructed with automation a priority.

For the developers of the contemporary property, particularly in London where investors flock to buy luxury housing, it is becoming increasingly important to include technological innovation when planning new projects.

Battersea Square Mews in SW11 is an example of a development designed with integrated appliances in mind. The brand new houses and apartments have a number of digital features integrated into their design. As well as underfloor heating and a security system the homes benefit from an intelligent built-in lighting system, whole house ventilation/heat recovery and a multi-room audio system.

This kind of automated home management is great news for buyers looking for extra stability and security. Often such innovation comes with an increased price tag but with prestigious designers and top electrical brands on board properties like those at Battersea Square Mews will retain functionality and style, as well as adapting more seamlessly with future tech developments.

If such innovations sound great but classic property styles appeal to you more than the gloss of new build, fear not; many Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian properties in the Capital have been updated with the digitally augmented lifestyle in mind. London is far from short of period properties where technological tweaks have made life easier/made for more seamless stylish living. Underfloor heating, in particular, is something to look out for – this feature appears in a range of properties from Victorian cottages to maisonettes.

This property on Fircroft Road, SW17 has been modernised in a way that emphasises period character while optimising spaces for modern living. Here the old and the new have been well thought through, with small interventions such as hidden extra electrical sockets and an induction hob giving interior spaces a clean contemporary feel hidden behind a charming exterior.

So where is the future of property and tech likely to lead us? This TechRadar article goes through a mind-boggling list of digital appliances which could seriously streamline the lives of 21st Century homeowners. Particularly exciting for gadget lovers is the Nexia Home Intelligence system, which gives homeowners control over everything from ambient temperature to remote door locking via computer or mobile device. We also love the Kohler Moxie shower head and wireless speaker, which streams music from your devices to your shower.

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