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How do I train properly with the rowing ergometer? What makes the rowing machines from

Concept 2 so popular worldwide? We will introduce you to the different machines and their differences and functions in detail and give you an insight into the training, how they work and explain why the Concept 2 Rower is not just a training device for rowing athletes, but belongs in your home gym.

Concept 2 Rowing Machine

Concept 2 rowing machine offers you all the training benefits you have on the water and gives you an effective full-body workout on just one piece of equipment. It works almost the entire musculature during the different movement sequences. In addition, with the right technique, rowing is a particularly joint-friendly alternative to other endurance sports and is therefore also very popular in rehabilitation sports.

When training on a rowing machine, you not only work your back muscles, but also the muscles of your arms, shoulders, abdomen, legs and buttocks. In addition to the muscles you work, rowing offers many other benefits. You do something good for your cardiovascular system and, with regular training, ensure better posture, an increased calorie turnover and improve your endurance.

You've probably seen Concept 2 equipment in the gym. In addition to the rowing ergometer, you can also see the SkiErg more and more often, on which cross-country skiing training can be imitated.

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What distinguishes the professional rowing machine "Concept 2"?

The models are distinguished primarily by their excellent quality and good price-performance ratio. Even though it is definitely a high-priced investment for training at home, the devices are extremely durable and provide a highly professional training experience.

The D model is one of the most sold indoor rowers worldwide and is also used by Olympians in training. But the Concept 2 rowing ergometers are not only popular among rowing athletes and professional athletes, the device is also part of the standard equipment in Crossfit and no box can be imagined without it. The reason for this is, among other things, the excellent combination of endurance and strength endurance training.

All Concept 2 Rowers are operated with air resistance. This means that you decide for yourself how high or low the intensity is by the strength of the pull. The windmill is chain-driven, and the corresponding chain is in turn connected to the handle. The roller seat, with which you move back and forth, is attached to a rail.

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